Mason Man Saves Fireworks Show

MASON, Ohio - The city of Mason has called off its annual Fourth of July Red Rhythm and Boom celebration to save money. One disappointed resident who owns a fireworks company has a plan to save the fireworks part of the event. He says the more help he can get from the community, the better the show will be.

Kevin Shew says his wife is the one who encouraged him to plan a privately funded firework show to make up for the city's cancellation.

Shew is the owner of Prestige Fireworks and has collected $5,000 in donations to put on the fireworks show. Shew says his company will match any donation.

He says so far he has enough for a 10 to 12-minute show.

Shew says the more money he collects over the next month, the longer and better the show will be.

The city has spent up to $500,000 in the past for the one-day celebration which included famous rock bands, fireworks, food vendors, and family activities.

The Red Rhythm and Boom budget was scaled back in 2010 to about $200,000. City Manager, Eric Hansen, says the cancellation is due to the current economic situation.

The firework show will be July 4 at 10 p.m. at Corwin Nixon Park.

To donate for the fireworks, go to